How To Maintain Our Health From Food || Best Food For Long Life

(1) Why Is Important Health

Health is very important for our life, our health affects many things. ,, best food for long life,, And that’s why it is very important for our life that we remember to take care of ourselves and health and this is its mantra that first of all our physical health is more important than most because if we have a healthy lifestyle then we Can live and walk for a very long time, due to which many diseases can be avoided because health is spoiled by disease itself and this is the root root of it because we are the one who produces it but sometimes even though regular exercise Do and take healthy diet but still there is some possibility that you may get sick and the reason for this is also because we are infallible in eating, so health is very important to live our life, if it is healthy then there is life but At the same time our mental health is also important. Because if we do not have a healthy lifestyle, our self esteem may deteriorate, we may not be happy. So along with it mental health is also important. There are many other details that can contribute but in conclusion health can affect your daily life. So always remember to take care of yourself to keep life healthy. And there is a need to realize that your body deserves this respect because it is like a deity. Now for example, you should wash your hands regularly so that you do not get sick and stay healthy, be happy and keep distance from social media for mental health if it is affecting you negatively. That is why health is necessary so that the balance of the person remains intact and there is no pressure.


(2) how to stay healthy for long

Friends have covered some points in this post to stay healthy for a long time, and ,best food for long life, which you can see big easy and have talked about health in the form of big discussion.

• waking up in the morning:-

If you do not get up early in the morning, then make this habit, if you want to be healthy for a long time, then you should have a habit of getting up early in the morning.

• Avoid tea in the morning

If you consume tea on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, then it is not good for your health because it is its real hand in spoiling your health, leave it and make a routine that you wake up in the morning and drink lukewarm water, and Drinking lukewarm water keeps the digestive system strong and many diseases away from the body, so it is said that if you wake up in the morning, then you should not drink tea as soon as you wake up in the morning . But what it means to say is that first try to drink water, then make some food program so that the health is good and the side effects are not high.

•Meditate for 30 minutes every day

Now you should try to give for 30 minutes every day so that your body is better than health because thirty minutes in 24 hours is not much for the body is not healthy but if you don’t know how to pay attention, you should take care of yourself 20 minutes should be spent because it is important to you and you can avoid the doctor.

• take morning sun

We all know and know that we get vitamin D from the sun and vitamin D which is very beneficial for our mental health and physical health, which should be taken daily so that the body remains healthy, vitamin D should be taken more in winter.

• sleep is very important

Now it comes time if you also want to keep good health and do not want to get sick at all, then brother, sleep is very important. Because at least 7 hours of sleep is very important and those who do not sleep properly, then they become ill. And due to lack of sleep, you suffer from obesity and heart related diseases. And it is said that obesity is not good for health at all, and it not only brings health to health but also brings many diseases. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from illness, then it is very important to have a good sleep, brother. But you try to sleep on time. and do not bring any kind of thought in your mind. So that it helps to sleep. And you will get relief. This will keep your health strong.


(3) Is eating and drinking good for health?

Now the question of many people is that whether food is good or not or else this essence is for those people then friends if seen then eating and drinking is important for both the person because when the person does not eat then how will it live and what is the work of such a health it can be that it can be eaten or drink because it is necessary to eat food or it is necessary to eat it properly. People who are too fat have the same policy so friends are not right for the person to eat too much and should not eat less but eat food that is right for the body and not full of disease, some people try to keep themselves fit and eat fried food then it is necessary for them to eat the right amount of food and eat posting if you do not eat the posting then the health is not good. and ,best food for long life, The question of many people is that if you eat food friends have no rule or no answer to eat because their time is different according to different person who has the right time to eat at the same time there is no problem but there is a problem for those who eat the morning meal at night and do not eat dinner then this statement is not right and in this you may have to go to the doctor.

(4) food for good health

In this point, we have told about the best food, which will be told according to the subtopic, but after seeing you will know how easy it is told in simple words.

• must eat fruits

Fruits are very important to keep our body healthy, which should be consumed by everyone. So that your body remains healthy. According to great men, eating fruits is considered very beneficial for health. Talking about the properties, there are many nutrients in the fruit and due to which many diseases run away from the consumption of the fruit. Therefore everyone should consume fruits and for this, after eating food daily, eat pomegranate, guava, banana, chikoo, kiwi, seasonal fruits.

• eating green vegetables

Green fresh vegetables are very important for a person’s health and a person never falls ill by consuming green vegetables, that is why according to the doctor, green vegetables keep many diseases away, green vegetables like carrots, cabbage and radish should be consumed by everyone. needed. Due to which the eyesight increases, but spinach should be eaten by everyone. And for those who are patients of heart, blood pressure and diabetes, it is very beneficial for them because green vegetables are rich in nutrients, so everyone should consume fresh vegetables and it is very beneficial for health.

• milk intake

One should consume milk daily to keep the body healthy for a long time. Due to which the person never suffers from disease and the consumption of milk is very beneficial not only for the children but also for the elders. And according to the doctor, the maximum amount of calcium is found in milk, due to which it is very important to keep bones strong and every person wants strong bones, but for this calcium has to be supplied and for this, milk is important and for this. There are other benefits such as heart problem, blood pressure, sugar, etc. It is very beneficial for diseases, so milk largely supplies plenty of calcium.

• fast food intake

We all know that fast food is very dangerous for our health, as it does not keep our body healthy but still many people are unable to give up fast food like fried, and chaat for person. As it is very salty it is not good as well as many food items like drinks cause diseases but for those who want to live longer and want a good body, fast food is not good at all Is. Take care and stay healthy.

• grain intake

When you are a vegetarian and eat clean, it is up to you to choose the right grains for clean eating and note that whatever you are eating should not be loaded with chemicals as chemicals are very bad for health. are harmful. And one should stay away from it but free from preservatives. So friends, the name of grain comes first in healthy things because very less chemical things are used in it and there is full posting and it is completely natural because the farmer sows the grain with his hands with great love. And that’s why you include other things including oats quinoa in sabu dana cereal, which helps a lot in promoting digestion and immunity and immunity power is important for all, which is very important in weight loss for obese people . If it overworks the grain should boost and it doesn’t harm anyone, that means there is no mass, so the grain is paramount.l

• meat consumption

Now this chapter is for those people who consume meat but reducing the intake of meat is beneficial for health because too much food is harmful for the body but many people use meat in diet to keep body fit. do as. (Best Food For Long Life) But the message for them is that they should be reduced, as this step is not only good for your health but for the environment at all. And to save the environment, include things in your diet that do not harm the environment. And the good thing is that even without meat the need of nutrients for the body can be fulfilled and it can be done in a normal way because nothing is impossible in this world, everything is possible so stay healthy and Take care

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