Google Is Celebrating The Joy Of Life Of American Geologist Mary, Atmosphere Of Happiness

Google Is Celebrating The Joy Of Life Of American Geologist Mary, Atmosphere Of Happiness

The cartographer is celebrating the life of Mary Tharap today, on this day the Library of Congress named her among the greatest cartographers of the 20th century.

Mary Tharp was born on 30 july1920 in Ypsilanti Michigan.His mother died when Mary was 15 years old, but the game was not over and a full school year in Alabama was influential for her. Where he took admission in a class called Current Science, in which he learned about some research projects and he got a chance for school trip in the weekend to study trees and rocks. And today it is at this stage, it is famous in the world.

Mary Tharp earned a master’s degree in petroleum geology at the University of Michigan and then moved to New York, but was the first woman to work at the Lamont Geological Observatory.

And even Mary Tharp started her career in the decade of 50.Mary Tharp was promoted continuously from 1952 to 1968, but she spent four years in Tulsa in 1948, after which Tharp moved to New York to try and work at the American Museum of Natural History. But it was not successful and then she tried to get a job in Columbia University and finally got the job but it was the first woman to do this job. And from this the life started with the struggle life.

And talking about her marriage, Mary Tharp married a man named David Flanagan in 1948 and went to New York with her husband David after marriage, but their partner life did not last long and in 1952 they both There was a divorce and both were engrossed in their lives.

His discussion had made the first world map of the bottom of the ocean of my Tharp and Hezen in National Geographic .And after this in 1998 Mary Tharp was named by the Library of Congress as one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century for her great contribution to science.

Mary Tharp’s father used to work for the US Department of Agriculture and this man was very lucky to have such a daughter and named her.Enjoy with the happiness of Mary Tharp today and be proud that such a woman should be on this earth.

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