7 Upcoming Movie 2022-2023 // New Top Ranking Await Movie

7 UPCOMING MOVIE 2022-2023



In this blog post, I will tell you about 7 Upcoming Movies and Series which are very funny New Top Movies of 2022 which is very much discussed before release. If you watch these films, you will get to learn a lot. 7 The film itself is based on different stories and this film should also be seen. Top 7 films are AC that everyone wants to watch bandh, there are also some movies and some series also, so let’s see the number badges.


  • After watching the peripheral movie trailer, it was clear that on what basis this movie is based, because in the trailer, what is going to happen in the future, all this has been shown, if we talk about hot scenes, then it is tremendous, by the way, this movie alone Will be fun to watch. Because there is some fantasy in it too, if its genre is told, then this film is full of science fiction and thriller. Everything is there in this film, now you will be waiting to see this film.
    Now if we talk about the release of the movie, brother, this film will be released soon i.e. on October 21, 2022. If we talk about IMDb rating, then there is a lot of response according to the trailer, now it will be known after the release of the movie. This movie is definitely fun to watch.


  • From the trailer of the series, it was revealed how powerful the series is because a person in the trailer of this series was a business man in the trailer of this series, but fight does so much that there will be no thought. If it is talked about the release of the first season of this series, it will be in November. Many people think that this series is old, so let me tell you that it is not old yet, but many people are not even waiting, so that their trailer is dangerous, otherwise you must have understood by looking at the poster. Tulsa King series is still going on in English, meaning that leaungage is English only, if Jenner is talked about, then there is no idea. Yes, it will be known after its release and the rating will also be known only. If I tell, if this series goes on, then it will run to a great extent. Tulsa king


  • The first episode of the first season of this series will attract you because it is so strong. Talking about the lead actor of this series, his name is Chaske Spencer who is a famous American actor. The actress of this series is Emily Blunt who has given many hit movies. Talking about its story, in this story a woman goes in shock of her son’s death and Abder her husband is an armyman who is very serious about her work. So now you can guess how powerful the series is, if you have seen the trailer of The English series, then you can understand yourself. Now if you talk about the matter, you cannot tell now because the series will be known only after the release. According to the trailer, there is a very good response.l


  • Talking about this movie, there is a romantic scan with romantic background music, almost heart touching, a girl kisses or an emotional type is seen at the beginning of the trailer, Isco Movie will not speak because it is a series, in the same trailer. Some bone people have also been seen, if seen from the point of view of adventure, then the series is cool in kafi, or the series has been shot in the jungle, that means on what basis are you the basis of society, it is clear after watching the series. It was that the story is neither on the future nor on the present, the whole series is based on the past.



  • So, there is romance in the name of this movie and it is clear that there is no need to talk much about the film “Dont Worry darling”, if we talk about the release of the film, then this film will be on 30 September 2022. The trailer was a big hit and created a lot of buzz about it, even if you have not seen the trailer of this movie, then you can watch it, if the story is told, in the decade of 1950, a person named Eilish and His wife Jake used to live in a beautiful house but Eilish used to work hard but his wife is the queen of his ideal heaven and enjoys, although he started looking sad in his happy life because he used to have fun and you will know its story after release. But the film is fine to a large extent, now talking about its cast, then its main character is Harry Styles, lady character is Olivia Wilde and there are many other characters, the director of this film is Olivia Wilde, who is also the character of this film. I think you must have liked this review.


  • This movie is also no less than a woman warrior because in this film a character Viola Davis is a female general who serves her next generation to fight with foreign enemies. This film is based on American Historical Real. In which the African state of Dahomey was defended in the 17th and 19th century and this movie is based on the 1820s and the film will be released on 9 September 2022 The film was set “THE WOMAN KING” in 1823 and the kingdom of Hadomi It is said that this film has got a positive review from the screen and there is a lot of discussion among the big people about this film, now it is clear how much its rating is going to go, if I tell, from the trailer of this film itself. Was fascinated but now the bus is waiting for how long the train will be there. The film “the woman king” is very good.


#7 amsterdam

  • So friends, you have not seen this film yet, so this film was released on October 7, so you should watch this film without any time because the story of this film is very funny, although this film has been directed by David O. by Russell. And there is no need to tell the story of this film in such a deep way because you can watch this movie, although this movie is still running because it has been recently released, not much time has passed but still for interest. Am this film is set in the 30’s and this story is about three friends who become evidence of a murder and become themselves and expose American history with humiliation, so now you can guess how much better it is. Film If we talk about the character of this film, then its main character Christian Bale and the second number is fought Taylor Swift and there are many other casts, then you should watch the film.

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