Top Most 8 Games 2022 // New Game For PC & Android


  • In this post i will tell you about top game which is very best for you and total game 8 which i am going to review one by one. Whatever will be the most and intersting game, I will tell about it in the best way, then reading a topic from the post has been told in a very easy way.



  • Now it’s one of our favorite games and I think it’s the most important. It felt like a version of the first game. Now it’s challenging like a game and I think it’s okay to debate how much of a drink it really is up to you to decide but what you have is just a fun video game open with the bad guys adventure that is incredibly satisfying to play. is satisfying, feels good, and is great for keeping you busy, lots of side quests, lots of side activities, and they all feel like pointless filler. And of course it’s set in a really well designed world, with communities handling the entire zombie apocalypse in various different ways. Really enjoyed taking it all in. at one point there was a mill through it, and would shoot it, he swallowed it, it seems like a macro metaphor, but essentially ‘waiting for the desert’ as in the original “dying light” ” Was released after launch. There was some tremendous support, so looking forward to seeing it “Dying light 2” Now talking about this game, then it is very important for you to watch dying light one because only then it is so easy to understand this game, if you talk about the story of this game, then there is a realistic scene which is There is a very good response compared to the first game, now this is a good thing about this game. But talking about its demerite, some people tell that gan etc. is very hard, which some people only fall behind this game. Happened but still not getting it. Now the matter is for those people who want to play the game by buying or on rent, you will also know this. Now the weapon is not available so smoothly that you have to survive for one minute because its screen itself has been kept at night mode, so let me tell you, the one who has seen its first can buy it and skte seeing it on rent.


  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus.” There’s another 3D Pokémon on the heels of the definitive one, but “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” but was the first to encounter Pokémon, which many people expect, simply roaming around the environment. Wild, sneaking up behind them tosses a poke ball, and battling on time, all that stuff, and maybe it’s paid off.While the story wasn’t quite as compelling as I was expecting it to be in earlier times, the gameplay stuff is pretty cool too and it’s exciting to see Pokemon take it further and to see Glad how far this story goes

3:- “V RISING”

  • We Rising,” is another game now, but after diving in and dabbling here and there, we have to say this thing is the game’s favorite on Steam, and it deserves to be spread. Story You wake up as a vampire and have to build your own empire. It’s like a top-down big explorable world with survival, rpg elements, but also vampire elements. You have to worry about sunlight, you have to satisfy your thirst for blood, and it’s time to see that vampire games really make a comeback. From “Vampire Survivors” to “We Rising” is really going viral. But this is just a game for PC with great combat, enemy types and good multiplayer to satisfy. This is one you should check out if you can play on PC, and I love it


  • Horizon Forbidden West,” the development to “Horizon Forbidden Sunrise,” and it is only a major one to be forthright with it. “HORIZON FORBIDDEN First light.” Yet disdain it being reductive is really fascinating the sorts of adversary concealed inside. This game is simply crammed. Be that as it may, it’s truly significant and fascinating and all around made. Compound’s undertakings are totally insane and wild like that of the deer. Be that as it may, the occasion to-second ongoing interaction beginning to end is truly agreeable. Yet, when it’s great and it’s terminating on all chambers. So the game is awesome.And it’s insanely flawless. It is a sight worth seeing. Feel the manner in which they look. It resembles a scene. So that is a great deal.




  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Adventure”. You likely wouldn’t anticipate that we should dive this deep, yet this game is magnificent. This game is all around very much made. In the event that you were of the age that grew up with the “Lego Star Wars” games, there were little kin who truly grew up with them, so they’re actually a thing. Have become. They’re fulfilling very much made games, have incredible images, and “The Skywalker Adventure” is a festival of that multitude of games. It provides you with the outright rush of playing through every film, all the fundamental set of three, and it provides you with a lot of exploratory kinds of open-style universes, vehicles, a lot of characters to play with, and lots of things to open. gives. So it’s actually a drudgery, however regardless of whether you simply need to play latently in LEGO to observe all your #1 “Star Wars” films by and by, there’s a lot of snappy here, a few extraordinary jokes and references as well and It plays better compared to your typical game. They have truly drawn battle, third individual shooting, some cover frameworks too. Furthermore, it looks exquisite, yet with extraordinary perspectives. Get a ton of bang for your cash with “The Skywalker Adventure”, particularly in the event that you have children or more youthful kin, or on the other hand assuming that you have


  • You have “High school Freak Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance”. You will scarcely believe, assuming you love playing this kind of game, scratching that itch is going. , they’ve done it again with Ninja Turtles, straightforwardly testing the High school Ninja Turtles debate with a new, fun yet exemplary class. That is perfect. From the static cut-scenes, the soundtrack, the characters’ movements, short voice lines, it’s all pleasant outdated ongoing interaction. What’s more, certain individuals can’t return to this style of play, for the people who are such as myself, there’s a ton to cherish here. It’s a short play, nothing insane, yet brings another story mode and an arcade mode and lots of troubles, it’s perfect with companions. It upholds six-player center including Turtle, Splinter, and Casey Jones, so you can see.


  • Elden Ring“. In the event that you watch the game you realize you truly love this game, and “Senior Ring” is large programming game as of now. Obviously due to the marketing projections and the publicity and everything, this game appears to be a passage to the ongoing interaction and their different games for a many individuals. Since it’s truly unique, and obviously, to the touch, it has insane, beyond ludicrous manager plans, with genuine significant stuff just to find. However, for however long you are playing it, this game will ward passing you over. At the point when you think you’ve seen everything, you get another tremendous region or a whole substitute prison or a side chief. Be that as it may, it actually figures out how to be reliably agreeable, with many open world games we haven’t seen truly like “Elden Ring” and we’re presumably going to discuss it for quite a long time into the future. However, that far’s perfect


  • Presently you have “Kirby and the Neglected Land”. Assuming we’re searching for something cool on the Nintendo Switch this year, this 3D Kirby experience is truly comfortable in a few fascinating spots. It’s lightweight, fun, has incredible things to gather, and can transform into lots of cool things. Lacked opportunity and willpower to do a “Preceding You Purchase” video for the game and at first covered it, however when tried it ended up being a truly captivating and fun sort of mood killer. I believe having them is significant. Perhaps you know it’s not the most ideal game, yet in the event that you’re into this stuff it will likely put a grin all over. then, at that point, it very well may be best for you

So in this post we have told about eight top game in which number wise have been defined and reviewed and all the games are of top top, some are for pc, some are also for android, some are paid and some are also free now. You have a choice which game you would like to play. Because our job was to tell and review the game. But let me tell you, you should see it according to your interest.

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