Damar Hamlin’s uncle said, that the Damar smiled towards me

Damar Hamlin’s uncle said

How devastated we all were on Monday, from watching it on TV, you know, to finding out that he got a chance to talk to his team and found out that he was awake and on his way to recovery. It’s truly a blessing because I can honestly say it’s done, from first responder Danny Kellington. I’m addicted to the Hall of Fame for what he did. I know it was an employee who assisted him but his hands ultimately saved my nephew’s life and gave him a chance, even getting him to the hospital. Circles of support that have surrounded us all this week, the hospital workers. Everyone is really great and helping us to deal with this tragedy. I was telling my nephew the other day, you know, Monday night.

I want to say Tuesday or Wednesday, I can’t remember now. But yeah, I didn’t feel the energy that you have now. I feel much better than the first week so I am excited. I’m happy for him, glad to hear that I’m talking and you know, just waiting for him to get well. Not only that night, but what he’s starting to maybe understand about the reaction that’s happened well, not so much because they really want to rest, because I haven’t talked to Adam, Like, listen to anything talked to his team. But, he smiled for me and I was nice enough for me. That’s all I needed. While working, let us tell you that he is probably emotional with all this right now. And I can tell that he’s a strong, strong-minded individual, he’s definitely processing things and, you know, trying to get back to his reality.

It’s of good character, people, you know, and that’s where it gets its character from the man and they stay there. make me stand strong And I don’t know if I could have had the strength one day that they were able to show through a whole week of dealing with this traumatic event. And I really congratulate her for standing strong and bearing this incident with her son.

Like I said, asking this, not only will you make more, but there are other people out there who have, family members going through it. That’s why we should respect him. And there are times that we’re just out there, but the fact that we’re here, that we exist, I think it goes a long way just to continue to show the support that they need need to get through it.

I feel adopted about the city of Cincinnati. Everyone has been so nice to us, since I’ve been here, haven’t spent money on food when you hungry need something, just constantly making sure, not just the media family, but everyone here for more does, okay, and I really appreciate,

It played over and over in my head on Wednesday and you just never knew which way it was going to go. But, you know, by the grace of God, all the prayers that are coming in from the hospital staff and all the treatment that is being done, he is on his way to recovery and I am grateful for that. I haven’t seen the world stop and unite like this since 9/11. And when, I mean that, I mean it took collaborative efforts to come together and show support for any prayer for more and I really think that affected his recovery process where we are now

What if you all thought about the reason behind the Instagram post, Twitter posted it, I think their message is going out for the world, their message is conveying to those who have cared for them, they are not here. I am doing anything with Instagram post, but I can say there, just to show. Thank you only for showing them really grateful and for showing people only that they see it and we appreciate it. I mean the world, the man is equally big. It is about to go home and continue to do great things that he does for our hometown, it is rock, still an area of rocks, and just remains an inspiration for those who are groups of children who follow him. This is the only way you can eliminate bad apples. You have to grow fruits yourself. And it starts with those seeds, you plan and see them go there and start sowing the seeds. I know that some family of all of you have come to the city today. What has been the response of some of these other members of the family who are now coming to see him. Just one woman., The same enthusiasm, where we were, a week is starting from where we are now. Just able to know that he is talking and he is on the way to recover

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