Donald Trump urged to return McCarthy from US House Deadlock Republicans.

It was not painted by someone depicted in 1850 and 1851, he was an immigrant who lived in America. Will tell you that Washington went on a Durham boat, but he portrays it with Washington in a rob.

You see 13 people, but only 12 faces, you see that Washington is standing in the row of a boat, wearing a formal uniform with his hands on his chest, in the middle of winter. He looks very stable. You will notice him, you will say that I follow him anywhere. You probably believe that he was never defeated in battle, but history will tell us that he was defeated only at that time.

It is time for us to be voiced and worthy of their vote. Let me come closer with it. I don’t know all of you. After this week, I never gave up. I promise that I will never give up for you. Americans and I will never give up to have a commitment to America, our nation is worth fighting for our rights, or it is worth fighting for our dreams or for our future to find for our future, so love for this country and charity for each other.

Let us now take our oath and are eligible for office, on which we are about to enter. God bless everyone in this room. And God bless America. Not so soon. I have to take oath first, sit down. I am ready to take the oath of office now. Honorable, how one of my first gurus to manage the oath of Rogers office of Kentucky? First of all, we want to offer a bipartisan. Congratulations to the gentleman from California.

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