Top 5 Bikes In 2022 ! New Super Bike In Year

Top 5 Bikes in 2022

  • This year now, there have been some truly great new and updated motorcycles announced in the last few months, and I’ve been hard-pressed to whittle this list down to a top ten.
    Now settle in as I run down my picks for the top 10 new motorcycles of 2022.


  • First up is an exciting new model in sports touring Market Suzuki’s brand new GSX-S1000 GT Suzuki has definitely invested in the sport.

    This tour with the 999 CC engine makes150 braking horsepower, which means despite, Being designed to cruise in comfort over long distances, you can also crank the throttle to get some serious superbike action. Performance is perhaps the most impressive.The best thing about the GSX-S 1 000 GT is the pure value for money priced at 11This motorcycle weighs 599 pounds. Full of high-quality components and adjustable kyb innovative rider aids. Brembo brakes forks cruise control quick shifter slip and full-assist clutch Phone and 6.5-inch colour TFT display connectivity It’s all here, brand new.

    Angular visual design looks outstanding. This really wouldn’t look out of place.
    In a lineup of superbikes, but you definitely noticed the difference when It came to console her; it is a Torah, after all.
    This bike is an all-rounder for me. Offering everything you could want from a fit-mile eater, which is why makes the list today.

#2. Kawasaki Z900

  • Moving on to an absolute beauty, it’s the Kawasaki Z900 RS SE for 2022. Kawasaki is revamping its beloved Z900 RS with a The se and my Limited Deluxe Edition Gosh, is it drop-dead beautiful?

    A gorgeous 70s-inspired black and ye RS favourite motorcycles after all, hopefully Arriving this month.

  • llowpaint job with golden upside-down forksand rims, It absolutely oozes style, and Iabsolutely love it, as it’s a Kawasaki.

  • Isn’t all about fashion, as the well-known cc in-line 4 110 brake horsepower engine from Kawasaki allows the Z900RS SC, get a decent shift on it, it delivers excellent performance.There are some nice new features to the model.
    Draw over, including Brembo brakes and In my opinion, OLIN’s S46 rear shocks are superior.
    This was one of the standout bikes of Motorcycle Live 2021 attracted a lot of people of eyes and turned a lot of heads, So I absolutely had to include it in One of my previous standard Z900
  • It’ll come with a price tag of 12,499 pounds, but even still, you might find me at the Kawasaki dealership.
    When it arrived, it was a busy year for the folks at Ducati as we saw a host updated models for 2022.

#3. Ducati Streetfighter V4


  • I’m sticking with one for the list: the awesome Street Fighter V4 SP. Now the Street Fighter V4 was an already impressive motorcycle.

    Offering something completely unique in the Ducati range, from its style, technology, and performance, there was a lot of buzz. Around its release a couple of years ago, but this year ducati is turning things up to 11 with this special edition.Here in this stunning black colorway similar to its predecessor, the street the 1103 desmoda is used in Fighter v4 sp. The Siemi Stratali engine is capable of 208 horsepower. Brake horsepower and 123 newton meters. Of torque because if it isn’t broken, why However, the new street will be fixed.

    Fighter enters its own league, Is in the weight ratio thanks to a new lightweight lithium battery and some lovely carbon that’s been introduced to replace aspects of the chassis, this model is now three kilos lighter it also adds a Brembo SM-EVO SPK Dry Clutch stylemar’s front callipers and get ready for Lin’s voice sounds very intelligent.

EC 2.0:   electronicall adjustable, Semi-active suspension: are you still for me, in a nutshell, this means setting aside from being manually adjustable, the forks and the shock can make small adjustments. Automatically based on the ride conditions, fancy stuff indeed, and did you know I mention that the wings can still be found.I don’t believe there is one on the 2022 model. There is no denying how special the street. Fighter is simply a stylish motorcycle. Especially in the matte black, winter test delivery has already occurred.
As mentioned, if you want one of these, it’s going to cost you a blistering $30k, So Although I love it, I don’t think I’ll be Seeing too many out and about catering for the ever-growing demand and popularity of adventure and touring motorcycles .


#4. Honda NT 1100
  • Let me introduce you to the Honda’s latest offering, the NT 1100. In the sports touring category, we see a model that utilises the freshly updated Africa has a twin as a base, but where does the africa twin has moved further off the Road: The NT-1100 is a pure sports tourer.
    Designed to be just as good on the Tarmac has a 1084 cc engine at its heart. Liquid-cooled four-stroke capable of 100 brake horsepower and 104 newton meters.
    of torque makes touring on this beast an absolute breeze, pair it with the active riding position introduces a result of the new versatile touring design, and you are on to a winner.
    When it comes to creature comforts, you’ll find heated grips panniers for cruising control advanced riding positions as well as a 6.5-inch touchscreen with Multimedia connectivity is all standard. Interestingly, Honda has also created a dct version of the NT 1100, meaning you have the option of shifting gear syourself with handlebar trigger shifters. Or just let the pipe do it for you.
  • You’re able to pick the standard NT-1100 up for just a smidge under 12K, which is pretty good considering everything this bike comes with the dct and will set you back an extra grand overall, Honda has created a brilliant motorcycle designed for maximum wind and rain protection.


  • Good news for those of you in the United Kingdom with the focus on comfortable cruising, And who doesn’t love the sound of that?
    Another European two-wheeler up next is the MV Agusta Superveloce 800. I have yet to look around one of them. These in person, as unfortunately, they Last year, I was unable to attend Motorcycle Live. But the new super velocity made a difference huge impact in Milan, and it was crowned So you know, the bike of the show at Eicma. I guess I’ll take their word for it based on on top of the already impressive supervelocities series, this limited-edition model will only have 311 units produced t celebrate the career of a 15-time world champion Giacomo Agosti with features such as four engine maps and eight-level traction control, and electronically.
    There was an assisted up and down quick shifter there is also a unique asymmetrical exhaust carbon body work and a unique Aego This bike is the bee’s knees for rental. It is powered by a 798 cc engine. 147 brake horsepower triple horsepower at 13000 rpm and weighing only 173 kilos, you can expect some serious performance from this machine to go Along with all the high-tech components. Now this bike screams muscle to me.

Might not be the most powerful on the list today, but it does give that feeling of refined power that only a gorgeou italian two-wheeler can now prices do begin at approximately 32,100 euros That might bring a tear to your eye, but being such a limited model, they weren’t exactly just gonna give them away were either way, in my opinion, this bike is an absolute work of art. Hats off to You, MV Agusta.


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